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Shadow of the Moon, Sea of the Shadow - The First Chapter

The episode opens with Youko having a nightmare of a strange man showing her visions of monsters. Upon her arrival at school she is confronted by her friend Asano, then a girl named Sugimoto says hi but Youko ignores her... Later that day Youko feels bad and attempts to apoligize to Sugimoto but it would seem that Sugimoto isn't so forgiving. The next morning Youko is still having nightmares of the strange man. Youko is being nagged by her parents to get her hair dyed, but she ignores it and goes to school. That day at school Youko's teacher is giving her a hard time about rumors of her staying out all night and just then a mysterious stranger appears and bows down before her telling her to except her throne.. Just then a giant bird called a Kochou attacks the school. Youko and the stranger run up to the roof while innocent students get injured and killed by the Kochou. At the roof they are confronted by the Kochou and the strangers named is revealed.. He is Keiki and he gives Youko a
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