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Shadow of the Moon, Sea of the Shadow - The Final Chapter

King En yells to King Kou to give it up. Before Kou can speak Kourin appears. Everyone realize she has shitzudo due to King Kou. Enraged King Kou charges at Youko with his sword but Kourin stands in the way and gets stabbed instead.. Kourin falls and dies. Realizing what he's done King Kou wonders what will happen to him now and screams. Later at the palace Youko agrees to save Keiki. King En sets up the attack for the next morning. Before she goes to bed she talks outside with Rakushun. He tells her how much he wants her to become queen. Still doubting herself, Rakushun turns into his human form again and tells her that she was chosen for a reason and to trust Keiki's decision. The next morning Youko, Sugimoto, King En and his army are ready to set off. They arrive at the palace of Kei and King En tells Youko to find Keiki while he and his troops battle the defenses. Youko finds the dungeon where Keiki is being held, she realizes he has a spell on him and uses her magic ball from her
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