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Shadow of the Moon, Sea of the Shadow - The Sixth Chapter

In Kou, King Kou is yelling at Kourin for not allowing Sugimoto to finish off Youko. King Kou sends Sugimoto off to a house out in a field where he will allow her to live. Back in the forest Youko awakes in a house.. She is greated by what seems to be a giant talking rat.. His name is Rakushun and he tried to get her to eat. He finally gets her to eat some peaches. When he leaves to go get some water, Auzaru appears and tells her not to trust the rat. Rakushun comes back in. Youko asks him if he knows Keiki, but Rakushun doesn't know him. Just then a officer comes to the door and Youko hides. He tells Rakushun how their looking for a man and woman (Asano and Youko) and that theres a reward. He tells them he knows nothing of it. Youko asks him why shes doing this and he says because he wants to help her. Later that night Rakushun tells Youko about the twelve kingdoms and how it was created. That night when Youko is alone in her room, Auzura appears and tells her the rat will betray her.
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