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Shadow of the Moon, Sea of the Shadow - The Seventh Chapter

The group of Kochou attack and Youko kills them. Rakushun gets trampled by the villagers and knocked out during the action. The guards come running out and Youko thinks about killing Rakushun before she leaves so he won't turn her in.. But she runs away instead because she is afraid the guards will give her a hard time for being a kaikyaku. Back in the woods Auzaru appears and asks her why she didn't kill Rakushun.. She replies saying he was her friend. He puts a mask of Rakushun on and says he will turn her in. He tells her that she cares about nothing and she only cares about herself. She finally stands up to him and tells him that she will do whatever she wants and he doesn't control her. She is fed up with him and approaches him with her sword. She tells him she is glad she didn't kill Rakushun. He calls her a fool and she slashes him with the sword as he falls lifelessly into a bush.. She has finally freed herself from Azura. She goes back into town to find Rakushun but no one see
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