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Shadow of the Moon, Sea of the Shadow - The Eighth Chapter

Sugimoto is shown talking to King Kou.. Turns out he wants to her service once again. He gives her a sword and tells Kourin to place her hinman on her again. This changes Sugimoto's appearance making her look different. As she is ready to set out she realizes Kourin has fallen ill.. She runs out of the room. Sugimoto arrives at the dock where Youko is and she goes on the same ship as Youko will be traveling on. As the ship takes off she realizes Youko isn't on it. Youko purposely stayed behind because she didn't wanna involve the nice family who helped her anylonger. She goes on a smaller boat that will catch up with ship later. While on the ship Sugimoto meets a hanjyuu who is traveling to En so he can live freely. Youko catches up with the ship and boards it. She ends up standing in the same area with Sugimoto but she doesn't reconigze her due to her hinman. Just then a group of men are harassing the hanjyuu, commanding him to turn back into his human form. Just as they are about to
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