Belfy y Lillibit

The Children's Festival

Every Spring there is a festival in Foothill forest for the children. One of the traditions of the festival is the elecion of a ""king"" and ""queen"" of the festival. Snagglebit is so sure that he is going to be voted ""king"" he has even made a wreath for Lillibit whom he believes will be elected ""queen."" Sure enough Lillibit is elected ""queen"" of the festival,but unfortunatly for Snagglebit Willibit is elected ""king"" instead of him. Snagglebit is furious and he storms off. Lillibit runs over to Willibit's house to tell Willibit the good news and to invite him over to the festival. Willibit and his family are excited, but Willibit says that he has to help his father help a nieghbor named Mr. Grape get some grapes up stream. Lillibit is a little disappointed, but she then decides to help out. Snagglebit finds the raft with grapes on it and decides to hide it so that Willibit will have to look for it. He hopes that with Willibit absent they will substitute him as ""king"" of the festi
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