Belfy y Lillibit

The Rainbow Firefly

Several Miners disappear in a cave. When Mayor Bossabit and some men hear about the disappearence they decide to launch a search party to find the miners. Elderbit tells the Lillibit, Willibit, Snagglebit, and a couple other boys about the legend of the Rainbow Firefly which has been rumored to live in the area of the caves. There is some skepticism from the adults about weather the firefly still exsists as it has not been seen for many many years. Inspired by the storey Willibit and his friends decide to go in to the caves to search for the firefly. One of the adults tells them to go home, but of course they don't listen. It turns out to be a good thing too because once Lillibit and Willibit split into one party and Snagglebit and his friends split into another party, Snagglebit and his friends discover the firefly. Willibit and Lillibit catch up to Snag and his friends but are attacked by a bunch of bats. Using a torch and some help from Blue the hedge-hog the fight the bats back. Af
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