Belfy y Lillibit

The Snow Woman

Snagglebit has always tried to impress Lillibit. He tries to impress her with his sledding skills by letting her ride with him, but unfortunatly the sled ends up crashing into Elderbit. Elderbit tells them to watch out for such behavior or the Legendary Snow Woman will get them. Willibit comes over in time to see what happened after Elderbit leaves. Snagglebit says he isn't scared by Elderbit's storey, but Lillibit says that she ""sees a castle"" in her dreams. Lillibit wonders if there really is a castle over the mountain ridge. Snagglebit looks up in the sky and then gets an idea. Later that night Snagglebit builds a kind of kite-glider to help Lillibit see over the mountain tops. The next day he goes to Lillibit's house to show her his new invention. Lillibit sits in the middle of the kite-glider and Snagglebit, along with the help of a couple other boys) hoists it up into the air. Everything is going great until the wind carries Lillibit too far out and the boys loose thier grip o
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