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All That Glitters

It's a retelling of ""The Midis Touch"". Dr. Smith gains the power to turn anything into platinum. Penny is given a gift by a theif on the run, who tells her to protect it for him. She and Dr Smith discover that it leeds them to a ring which when worn allows the person to turn anything to plantinum, which Dr Smith does and enjoys. However when it turns even his food to platinum, he is unable to remove the ring, which is now a solid bar. He leaves the camp as he fears turning eveything in to platinum, and fearing he will eventually starve to death. A galactic lawman is on the trail, looking for the stolen device to use for his own nefarious purposes. Dr Smith later accidently turns Penny to platinum, and hands himself in to the lawman. When he relaises he has a learnt a lesson, and not be so greedy, the ring unlatches and he is able to get it off, and Penny is returned to normal.
Image Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman 2x02
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