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The Promised Planet

The Robot suddenly announces that the Jupiter II is approaching Alpha Centauri. Everyone is suprised, and the ship lands on a planet, where they are greeted by a group of people who appear to be teenagers from Earth. It turns out that they are aliens who live like Earth-style hippies, and they are incapable of growing old. They want to age normally, and to do this they want to get the older members of the Robinson party to leave in the Jupiter II while the younger members can stay behind and be used in an experiment that will make it possible for them to do so. The aliens trick the older members of the Robinson party into leaving, but Will pulls a fast one on the aliens and the Jupiter II eventually returns to the planet, and Penny, Will, and Dr. Smith, who somehow passed himself off as a young person, are rescued.
Image Celebrity Family Feud 5x12
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