Chapter 1

In high school Elite Way School, the director makes a speech to commemorate the end of the course. Mia is angry because his father did not come to the ceremony and, in protest, change the presentation of dance that had rehearsed for a very sexy striptease to get back at him. Alma Rey, a famous singer, says to her daughter, Roberta, that her father wants to enroll in a traditional school. Franco, Mia's father says his daughter that he did was shameful, and as punishment, cancel your vacation forcing the girl to stay in school. Mia explains that behaved that way because he did not arrive in time to attend the ceremony. Roberta finds her father, whom her mother has been divorced for many years, approaches and pretends he is forcibly kissing and he is arrested. Leon is furious to receive a message from his son, Diego, who will inform the holidays at the home of a friend and not with the family as planned. Roberta and Alma and arrive at school.
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